The Importance of a CSCS Card
The Importance of a CSCS Card

The Importance of a CSCS Card

The Importance of a CSCS Card

This blog will explain the importance of having a CSCS Card when and why you might need one and where you can get one from today.

So to answer the first Question, what is a CSCS Card?

A CSCS Card Is a card that provides proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required and appropriate training for the job they are carrying out on site. Most principal contractors and house builders require their workers to hold a card.

When were CSCS Cards Introduced?

They were introduced back in 1995, this was to show that contractors and tradesman were qualified to carry out their work, this then introduced a standard level for safety across the construction industry.

Why might I need a CSCS Card?

Well you might not be able to get onto a construction site without one, this is as the major members of the UK Contractors Group agreed to make it mandatory for workers to hold a CSCS Card to be able to work on their construction sites.

However, it might be worth remembering that CSCS Cards are not legally required. In fact, there is no rule in health and safety guidelines which says that you must hold one to work on construction sites.

How many Different types of CSCS Cards are there?

There are 13 different levels of CSCS Cards in 6 different colours, the colours depend on the level of skill.

-          Labourer (Green CSCS Card) – Green

-          Apprentice Card – Red

-          Experienced Worker Card – Red

-          Trainee Card – Red

-          Skilled Worker – Blue

-          Advanced Craft – Blue

-          Supervisory – Gold

-          Manager – Black

-          Academically Qualified Person – White

-          Construction Site Visitor Card – Yellow

-          Professionally Qualified Card – White

-          Provisional Card – Red

Which Card is for me?

Green/Labourer – This is for the individuals with little experience or starting out in the construction industry and looking to secure an entry-level positon.

Blue/Skilled Worker – This is for those with experience in construction and who have achieved a NVQ Level 2.

Gold/Supervisory – This is for the more advanced who are in more supervisory roles.

Black/Managers – Experienced workers that hold a managerial role on a construction site.

White/Academically Qualified – Highest level of expertise for senior managers or industry board members.

Looking to advance your career/level up your Skills?

At Libben we offer a range of health and safety courses approved by CITB, whether your looking to apply for your card or get your foot in the door within the construction industry we can help and support you on that journey.

If you are looking to take the stress out of the application process, we can apply for your CSCS card for you.

If you are looking to acquire the health and safety knowledge to get on site, we also run classroom and remoteCSCS Green Card Courses.

To obtain your CSCS Card you must sit the CSCS Green Card training course which is a 1-day H & S (Health and Safety Awareness) and also take the CSCS touch screen test and your local Pearson Vue centre.