Indian restaurant prosecuted by Sandwell Council
Indian restaurant prosecuted by Sandwell Council

Indian restaurant prosecuted by Sandwell Council

The Aalchi International Restaurant has been prosecuted by Sandwell Council after the chef was burned when the oven exploded in his face.

The chef received burns to his face, ears, hands and arms which were treated in hospital after clothing caught fire. This was caused by gas leaking from the oven and had no ignition switch.

Once the local authority was made aware of this incident an engineer acting for the council’s environmental health team reported the tandoor oven had been turned on and off using a set of pliers and also has to be lit using a flaming piece of paper. Further, into the investigation, the pipework was a major concerned as foam and stick tape was being used to hold it together. The Alachi Restaurant was fined £175,000 and ordered to pay £4,300 towards the further cost.

"Our checks found very dangerous conditions in the kitchen of this restaurant that resulted in one of the chefs being seriously injured," a spokesperson for Sandwell Council said.

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