Never too old to achieve
Never too old to achieve

Never too old to achieve

We are celebrating Fred Hibbett wanting to share his journey, how his age and learning disability does not stop him from achieving.

Fred is a semi-retired business owner who runs multiple businesses. He is 71 and never uses his ages to determine how far he can push his businesses and to increase his knowledge. Fred recently completed his SMSTS at one of our venues in Nottingham. He has taken training courses in the past but found Libben to be the best experience, learning the content as it is broken down into sections very clearly.

Fred also suffers from dyslexia, which is a learning disorder that involves difficulty in reading, writing and identifying speech sounds. This will never stop Fred from achieving his goals, he has built a strong mindset to use a variety of methods to help him get through it whatever he needs to do, no matter how hard it gets.

Fred’s message to you “you’re never too old to develop your skills. If you hide away from your weaknesses, you will never see your true potential”

Do you suffer from learning difficulties? Has this stopped you from taking any health and safety training courses?

Here at Libben, we give support to anyone who suffers from learning difficulties.

If you would like more information on how we can help please give us a call