The Importance of A Health And Safety Induction
The Importance of A Health And Safety Induction

The Importance of A Health And Safety Induction

The Importance of A Health and Safety Induction  


What Defines A Health and Safety Induction? 

A health and safety induction is conducted when new employees start in their new position at a company. What this induction ensures is that employees are well informed about the health and safety risks within the workplace and their job role. Especially in high-risk environments site health and safety inductions are a legal requirement.  

The induction acts as a starting point for a company to introduce their culture of health and safety. The induction must provide clear instructions and information to the employee. Your employees need to be aware on how to carry out their job role safely without risks.  

What Should A Health and Safety Induction Consist Of? 

A health and safety induction should have as much relevant information in it as possible. It needs to be relevant and include the following: 

  • Health and Safety specific to the job role. 

  • A walkthrough and overview of the company premises highlighting health and safety risks. 

  • Additional Health and Safety Information.  


Additional Information  

You need to also consider any legal requirements for job specific training, e.g. for operating forklift trucks. Also if you introduce any new equipment, technology or changes to work, your employees will need to know about any new health and safety implications. 

Employee Responsibilities  

Under Health and Safety law employees have responsibilities such: 

  • Ensure you take reasonable care of your own health and safety.  

  • When machinery is operating avoid wearing lose clothes or jewellery if possible.  

  • To report any injuries or illnesses that have occurred as a result of doing your job.  

  • To co-operate with your employer ensuring proper training is provided and you understand the training also.  

  • To take reasonable care ensuring your actions are not endangering or putting others at risk.  

How Libben Can Help 

We have a range of health and safety courses available. We also have e-learning courses such as: 

For more information on health and safety within the workplace check out our latest blog which covers just that.