blog: Security Guards and the training they need

What are Security Guards?

A security guard is a person who has been licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and is employed by companies to perform security-related tasks. These tasks usually involve protecting a company's assets, whether that's the business, the people, or valuables. 

What Does a Security Guard Do?

During work, some of their duties include:

  • patrols and property inspection
  • monitoring and analysing CCTV camera footage
  • authorising entrance of people and vehicles
  • reporting any suspicious behaviours and happenings
  • Guarding valuables in a secure area
  • Keeping the company's assets safe from theft, assault, fire, and other hazards
  • Taking action in the event of an emergency or an alarm
  • Keeping a record of all incidents

These duties and responibilites can vary depending on the task that a guard has and where they work. For example a security guard at a bar or club would monitor and authorise entrance of individuals more than a security guard working in retail security. 

Security guards are extremely important when something or someone needs protecting but they aren't just important for that reason as their presence alone can deter criminal activities from happening.

How to Become a Security Guard?

To become a security guard, you must first be licenced by the SIA, and to do this they will need to meet the requirements outlined by the government's website. This will involve having the correct qualifications and training to qualify for the licence. Once this licence has been achieved, it will be valid for three years and so it will need to be renewed after this time. To renew your SIA licence you will need to apply for a renewal on the government website 'Renew your SIA licence'.

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