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How many first aiders do you need?

You might already be aware of how many first aiders you need, but if you aren't the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend having at least 1 first aider for every 100 employees in a low-hazard workplace if there are over 50 members of staff, and for a high-hazard workplace then it's recommended to have one for every 50 employees (so if there were over 50 employees then 2 first aiders are recommended). However, these are just recommendations and so it would be good practice to have more as there may be incidents where the first aider cannot be reached.

Check your First Aid Requirements

You can also check the first aid requirements of your workplace with the Qualsafe First Aid Requirements Calculator. This is helpful as each workplace is different with each presenting different hazards and risks and so this should be one of the first things to do if you are looking at the first aid of your workplace.

Another way to check the first aid requirements of your workplace would be to read through the Health and Safety Executive's First aid needs assessment.

Why is first aid important?

According to a recent statistic issued by St John's Ambulance, 140,000 individuals die in the UK each year as a result of accidents where first aid may have saved their lives. This is why first aid is extremely important for any workplace as it can save many lives with just a few days of training.


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