Lone Worker Risk Assessment

What is it?

It is the process and steps taken by a business of identifying risks involved and associated with the job role carried out by a lone worker. A lone risk assessment must consider the following: hazards involved with the job, the different environments and people involved within the job. The overall purpose of such assessment is to identify the health and safety control measures that need to be acted upon to ensure the safety of your lone workers.

Are Lone Worker Risk Assessments a Legal Requirements?

They are a legal requirement and therefore should be carried out for all your employees. It is worth noting that if you employ five or more people you then are legally required to write and record your risk assessments. This would be stored often in your Lone worker policy.

How do I create a lone worker risk assessment

You might be now thinking about what should be included in your Lone working assessment. Below are the following considerations that should be made.

  • - The identified hazards.
  • - Who might come into harm and how.
  • - Procedures already in place to prevent harm.
  • - How you will reduce risk with further preventive measures.

It is also useful to include on your written report who carried out the risk assessment, the date it was carried out, the date of any next steps and when the next review is due.

How Libben Can Help

At Libben we have a range of health and safety courses either classroom, remote or e-learning courses are available. For further training on lone risk assessments find our e-learning course here.

Also check out our other blog on conducting a covid-19 risk assessments and the steps your business should be taking.

For more information about Lone Working visit the HSE here