White finger symptoms from working on site
White finger symptoms from working on site

White finger symptoms from working on site

How many of you heard the term white finger? Paul Boyle shares his story of how he developed white finger symptoms. 

Paul has been within the construction industry for over 40+ years and has experienced a fair share of poor health and safety at many companies. Paul worked with different types of machines from using a handheld jacket hammer, needle gun and many more. When using these types of machines, he was not given any personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimise health risks. No anti-vibration gloves used, no jacket despite being exposed to cold air machines and using vibrating tools. Over the years Paul started to gradually experience numbness and tingling in his fingers, which at first he didn’t realise it was a problem.

This started to become more of an issue during the winter when Paul would feel pain in his fingers, his hand would become extremely numb, he needed to wear magic gloves and a magnetic bracelet. At one point Paul was not able to move his hand for 40 minutes. Paul now puts his safety first and continues to increase his knowledge by attending training courses here at Libben, he keeps up to date with health and safety measures and what is expected from companies and himself to follow whilst on the job.

If you need to increase your knowledge of your health and safety, we have a basic level course for all industries.


IOSH Safety Health & Environment for ConstructionWorkers (CSCS Green Card Training Course)

HSA Health & Safety Awareness (CSCS Green Card Training Course)


These courses also allow you to work towards applying for a green labourer card.