CITB HSA Remote Training Information
CITB HSA Remote Training Information

CITB HSA Remote Training Information

We will be delivering several courses during this lockdown to help upskill all workers who are still operating through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have provided all the information from CITB below of the new details and how this course will now be delivered.



Site Safety emergency training provision is been implemented by CITB as a result of extraordinary circumstances, which is impacting the regular provision of training to the construction industry.  This has designed to maintain a level of training in the industry, ensuring a minimum level of understanding of Health and Safety Awareness (HSA) to aid the understanding of potential hazards the construction worker may face on site.


The Aims of the Scheme Rules:

·       To maintain a minimum level of health and safety awareness in the industry. 

·       To maintain a minimum level of health and safety awareness even during exceptional circumstances, such as force majeure events.

·       To maintain the workforce by enabling new starters to enter the industry with a minimum level of health and safety awareness.


·       To support training providers to continue to deliver high quality training despite extraordinary circumstances

     Course delivery/duration

·       The HSA course is a one-day remote course.


·       This course may be split into 2 x 3-hour sessions remote learning. These split sessions must be completed over 2 consecutive days. Delegates are required to complete the full course duration (6 hours of training + examination time) to be eligible for certification.


·       The maximum numbers of this course have now been reduced from 20 to 10 delegates.



Functional requirements to take this course


·       Clear video and audio quality, to clearly see and hear the course content from your trainer.

·       Must be able to have two-way communication, to ensure that courses remain interactive for you to ask questions.

·       Must have a webcam, to provide evidence of identity and always be visible throughout the duration. 

·       A microphone is needed, to participate during the course and answer all examination questions.


Exam information


·       The exam is a closed book exam.

·       The exam time has been extended from 30 minutes to 45 minutes to allow you to ask questions and for answers to be repeated, if necessary.

·       In each of the exam papers, there is a question containing visual content (images). The images have been extracted from the papers and will be provided to you.


If you require your health and safety awareness (HSA) qualification, please give our team a call to book your place.


Midlands: 01922 474 999

South West: 01173 878 097

South East: 0203 141 9097

North: 0161 348 7197