Bokman restaurant receives zero hygiene rating
Bokman restaurant receives zero hygiene rating

Bokman restaurant receives zero hygiene rating

Popular Korean restaurant in Ninetree Hill received the worst possible food hygiene rating, which opened last October in Bristol.


The Food Standard Agency gave the restaurant zero stars for hygiene which means ‘urgent improvement needed’ after an inspection on January 15


Chef Duncan Robertson who is the Co-owner called the rating “a blessing in disguise” ready to make some big improvements. Mr Robertson said: “The rating wasn’t a surprise. I have been so flat out.

“I was doing everything myself, 17 to 18 hours a day, six days a week. I didn’t have any break. “It’s not an excuse, but it got on top of me. I was in a weird mental place.”


Due to this, the restaurant was shut for three days where Duncan Robertson addressed all the problems The Food Standard Agency raised.


An environment health officer visited the Bokman restaurant again, Mr Robertson said “They not only said we were fine to reopen but they were extremely impressed with the work I’d done,” he added. 

“I’m confident in myself that we haven’t put anyone at risk, but there’s a second chef who’s come in now and he’s very clued up on food hygiene.”


For the next inspection, the Bokman restaurant is now aiming for a five-star rating.


This restaurant was able to turn this whole inspection around quickly, which is great too see. Don’t slip into bad habits and continue to grow and gain help where is needed regularly. 

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